Servers are a perfect piece for any room. With a minimalistic design this furniture piece can suit a home of any style decor. A server can be used in hallways for coffee books or doorways for keys and other items you will need close by.  Servers are a great furniture piece for small spaces where you will not able to fit a sideboard in but still want some storage space. 

Servers are a great way to display items in your home in style. In combination with some decor items like candles, flowers, vases and other trinkets you will be able to create a lovely display of the things you love. A server is a multi-purpose piece of furniture, perfect for any home. It can be used as a stand for a computer or laptop, or it can be used as extra shelves or storage space in the living room, office, or bedroom

Fimi Server with Shelf 0.8
R 1,897.50
Fimi Server 1.1
R 1,739.37
Fimi Server SERFO 810x1600x400
R 2,530.00
Fimi Server 3 Drawers
R 3,565.00
Cross Side Server - 6 Drawer
R 6,900.00
Black Fimi Server 1600
R 4,300.00