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“The Only Thing, I Like In Any House, Is a Book shelf.” - Aqeel Rafique

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Chest of Drawers

"I have too much storage space" - Said no-one ever.

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Chest of Drawers

Desk in furniture store in Pretoria.


We are a robust furniture and design manufacturer family, based in Pretoria. Our furniture is made to be rustic. We offer pieces of art to our customers and not generic machine-built furniture.

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We pride our self on our hand crafted products that are all unique in its beautiful natural state. Our furniture is more art than furniture. It is always 100% functional and we try to create a feeling of nature in our design.


Get in touch for all your furniture design and manufacuring needs. All Lighouse products can be custom made and designed.


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Michelle - 076 404 5515 |  Elmar - 072 084 4689 | Angelique - 066 068 4998 

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