Sideboards are wonderful for storage space. The sideboard is different from a server due to the volume of extra drawers and its larger size.

Sideboards are ideal for storage of wine, salad plates and utensils. Perfect for living rooms with limited storage space, they can store your  brochures, magazines, framed photos and other important items in one neat spot. They’re great for entertaining too. 

The Artist
R 15,989.00
Merlot Sideboard
R 7,475.00
Olive Merlot Sideboard
R 7,475.00
Blanca Sideboard 7
R 7,474.00
Oak Sideboard 6
R 10,930.17
Aloe Sideboard
R 9,775.00
Sideboard 6-1 - Lighouse Furniture Online Shop
Sideboard SBT6 800HX1800WX500D
R 7,133.45
R 8,916.81
Sideboard 8
R 9,085.00
Sideboard 6-4 1000x2600x510
R 14,950.00
Sideboard 17
R 14,835.00
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