The living room is where the family gathers. They spend most of the time bonding with each other in front of the television or plainly conversing with each other. It is also where the family accepts guests and spends time catching up with friends, relatives, and even neighbor's. That is why purchasing the right furniture is crucial, because it serves as the main showcase of the house. Of all the rooms in your home, the living room acquires greater exposure. Therefore, living rooms need to be one of the most versatile spaces in your home. They take on several different roles which can make getting the decor exactly right, a bit of a challenge.


Econo plasma
R 2,530.00
Plasma Steel Frame
R 7,247.30
Small bookshelf with cross detail on the side.
Mini Cross Side Bookshelf
R 1,718.60
R 2,530.00
Cross side bookshelf
R 2,254.00
R 3,220.00
Large Cross Side Bookshelf
R 2,875.00
R 3,910.00
R 4,243.50
Fimi Server with Shelf 0.8
R 1,897.50
Fimi Server 1.1
R 1,739.37
Fimi Server SERFO 810x1600x400
R 2,530.00
Fimi Server 3 Drawers
R 3,565.00
Sideboard 7
R 8,625.00
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