About us

Rustic | Organic | Eternal

Who we are

Paul Labuschagne


Paul is one of a kind. With 30 years of experience in the furniture industry and with his background of engineering our furniture has unique look and feel. After finding God and being reborn as a Christian he started Lighouse. He is the designer and owner of the Lighouse brand. The brains behind it all.

Tersia Labuschagne

Owner of Lighouse Furniture and Lighouse Upholstery

Tersia has been working with her Husband Paul since the start. Planning and decorating all the shows and making sure everything is in order. She is the glue holding the company together. Definitely the problem  solver!

Linki Labuschagne

Owner an Marketing Director

Managing the branch in Hazelwood and helping with all the design and admin that needs to he done. Linki also manages the marketing of the Lighouse brand. The voice of reason. 

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision  is to open branches of Lighouse all over South Africa.

Our mission is to supply customers with affordable quality furniture.

The process

1. Order

Your order is placed and payment is processed.

2. Sent to factory

Your order is sent to our factory for processing.

3. Manufacturing

Your product is crafted by our skilled team. This process can take 2 - 3 weeks.

4. Delivery or collection

Your product is delivered or collected at our store. Delivery dates and times are estimated.


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