Bedroom Furniture That is Custom-Made for You

Bedroom sizes and shapes are as diverse as our personal style, which is why having bedroom furniture that is custom-made to fit perfectly into your space is a must-have. A custom-designed piece of furniture will ensure that your space does not feel overcrowded or sparse while expressing your own unique style. Custom-made furniture is also guaranteed to provide you with a high-quality finish that will last you a lifetime. At Lighouse you are able to customise size as well as the style of drawer, door, or handle.

Luxurious Bedroom Furniture Sets

If you believe that the furniture in your bedroom should all fit together like a puzzle and have the same design elements then you can select items from the same range. This will ensure that your bedroom is tranquil and doesn’t look too busy. 

Find the Perfect Bedroom Furniture in South Africa

Find the perfect items to make your bedroom functional, tranquil, and comfortable. 

Bed Base

Find a bed base that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 


Frame your bed with a headboard that provides support to your bed, protects your wall from being damaged, and provides a pop of decor. 

Pedestals/Bedside Table

Whether it houses your bedside light, your glasses case, or a glass of water, a bedside table is an essential piece of furniture that needs to be as practical as it is beautiful. 


Need a spot to sit while you slip on your shoes? A bench in the bedroom is perfect for this while adding a lovely piece of decor to your bedroom. 


Kists are the perfect place to store any extra cushions, blankets, or linen items. 

Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers is perfect for storing items such as socks, scarves, and other smaller items. 

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