Sideboard 6-4 1000x2600x510

R 14,950.00

Beautiful sideboard to light up  any home. Lots of storage space. 

Sideboards are wonderful for storage space. The sideboard is different from a server due to the volume of extra drawers and its larger size. Sideboards are traditionally manufactured with small legs or sometimes even no legs at all. With such a large space to work with inside the sideboard frame you are able to have fun with how many drawers or doors you want where. Sideboards are a wonderful statement piece in a dining room or living room setting but can also be used in the bedroom, garage or office for storage..

Product Code: SBSF6-4 1000x2600x510

Colour: Umber 

Materials: SPF, European Fur, Imported reclaimed wood, engineered wood. 

Dimensions: 1000 H x 2600 W x 510 D