Custom-Made Office Furniture in South Africa

Office furniture is something that is truly put to work. Whether you are working from home or in the office, you are probably spending eight hours or more per day at your desk. When spending that much time in a room, you want to make sure you are comfortable and happy in the space. At Lighouse we design and manufacture custom office furniture to suit your needs and your personal style. All you have to do is send through your desired measurements, doors, drawers, and handles.

High-Quality Office Furniture for Sale

As office furniture is put under a lot of stress, it is important to ensure that you invest in high-quality pieces that will allow you to work comfortably. Being comfortable while working will not only increase your productivity but it could also save you from “office’ injuries such as back pain. Purchasing high-quality office furniture will also save you money in the long run as you won’t have to replace your furniture every few years due to wear and tear.

Modern Office Furniture in South Africa

Just because you’re buying furniture for your office doesn’t mean you have to throw your eye for design and decor away. The modern, stylish, and unique office furniture pieces at Lighouse combine practicality and aesthetic appeal to make your office as attractive as any other interior.


Whether you are looking for a large desk to house a variety of office equipment or something small and efficient, you can find an option that is practical and aesthetically appealing.


The right chair is pivotal to an office environment. Without the right chair, you can be uncomfortable and lose focus. Find the perfect chair and choose from a variety of materials to suit your office aesthetic.


Whether you have files, cables, or other office supplies to store, you don’t have to settle for an old-school filing cabinet, you can opt for a stylish and practical bookshelf or chest of draws.

Order Your Office Furniture Online

For your convenience, you can order your custom-made office furniture online. All you have to do is send through your exact requirements and your furniture will be made to spec and delivered to your door. Requirements can include exact measurements, preferred materials, doors, drawers, and handles.

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