Custom-Made Dining Room Furniture

When you invest in custom-made dining room furniture, you invest in furniture that can stand the test of time. Find the right size, style, and material for your interior taste when you browse our selection of dining room furniture.

Stylish And Practical Dining Room Tables​

Our dining room table styles are growing as we do. At the moment we have 5 different styles of dining room tables.
● Volt Table
● Zambezi Table
● Nile Table
● Maputu Table
● Round Table
Whether your space is suitable for a rectangle, square, or round dining room table, our aim is to provide you with the perfect shape for your space. Every dinner party, family lunch, and tea party will be a memorable affair with the right dining room table to gather around.

Dining Room Sideboards For Added Space​

Find the sideboard that will provide you with extra storage and make an impression. A sideboard is typically larger than a server and often boasts a host of drawers. If your kitchen slightly lacks in cupboard space and you have nowhere to store your special china, a sideboard is a fantastic investment. It can also be used in the bedroom, lounge, or office as some extra storage that is aesthetically pleasing.​

Aesthetic Dining Room Servers​​

Leave space on your dining room table for floral arrangements and candles by investing in a server. Servers are designed to stand next to your dining room table and house all of the dishes for your meal. Therefore, the dining room table is never crowded and one has the opportunity to decorate the table for some festive fun.​

The Best Dining Room Chairs In South Africa​​

Dining room chairs can make or break your dining room’s unique style. Whether you’re a fan of mixing and matching pieces or prefer having a matching set, we at Lighouse have got you covered. Our dining room chairs have been designed with comfort and style in mind, ensuring that you and your guests will never be uncomfortable at dinner again. The fabric on your dining room chairs can be hand-selected to suit your aesthetic.​

Finding Dining Room Furniture in South Africa

Whether you live near or far, Lighthouse is able to deliver your dining room furniture to you anywhere in South Africa. All you have to do is send through your specifications and an example. Specifications can include measurements, fabric choice, preferred handles or drawer and door preference.

Dining Room Furniture Specials

At Lighouse we often have sales on our furniture. If you have been keeping your eye on a certain piece of furniture, today might be your lucky day to spot it on sale.