When you are looking to kit out your home office, it can be difficult to figure out exactly which home office furniture you will need. Whether you work from home every day, every now and then, or anywhere in between, your home office needs to be a place where you can work and focus. Maybe you just need a space where you can sort out your bills and home paperwork, investing in the right home office furniture is an essential step in creating this space.
Purchasing home office furniture from Lighouse is hassle-free and can be done from the comfort of your own home on our website, or in store. We provide all the details and measurements of the items you wish to purchase, so ordering home office furniture to fit a space in your home is quick and easy.
No matter the size and content of your home office, Lighouse has the right choice of home office furniture for you from the grander executive-style designs to more relaxed, casual pieces. So, what are you waiting for? Find your perfect home office furniture now!


Cross side bookshelf
R 2,206.89
R 3,220.00
Desk with Drawers
R 4,025.00
Study Desk
R 2,875.00
Millennial Bench
R 2,380.50
Olive Merlot Sideboard
R 7,475.00
Blanca Sideboard 7
R 7,474.00
Bird Print Set 3
R 8,595.00
Modern Mirror 2
R 4,427.50
Modern Mirror 1
R 4,197.50
Magnolia Framed Print 2
R 1,336.00
Magnolia Framed Print 1
R 1,336.00
Poppy Framed Print 1
R 3,037.50
Blanca French Tallboy
R 1,898.00
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