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T & C's

If the subject matter of the sale is the particular product that is on display in the Lighouse Furniture showroom as viewed by you, the customer, then the product is sold to you in the specific condition in which it is, based on your acceptance of the relevant product in that condition. For more information on our terms of service please check this link:

Small bookshelf with cross detail on the side.
Mini Cross Side Bookshelf
R 1,718.60
R 2,530.00
Bookshelf in a furniture store.
Large Cross Side Bookshelf
R 2,875.00
R 3,910.00
Cross side bookshelf
R 2,206.89
R 3,220.00
Fimi Server 3 Drawers
R 3,030.25
R 3,565.00
ONCE OFF OFFER: Reject Oak Table (Black) 3mx1.1m
R 12,900.00
R 18,810.00