Nature at its best!
Apr 2021

Courtney Dedekind


Nature at its best!

Natural decor does more than just bring a sense of serenity into our homes; it invites a down-to-earth vibe that's pretty hard to rival. Often grounded in neutral colors and rich in textured textiles, the style champions the beauty of organic elements in design.

Adding natural elements to your home is as simple as it gets. Embrace the staples - linens in muted tones, raw wooded elements with unique grains, blown glass vases and plants galore - you will be living in your own oasis in no time!


Need a bit more guidance? Read this blog to see how you can easily add a element of natural decor to your own home without over styling.


1. Choose a warm colour pallet

Stick to a set of earthy shades, such as beige, off-white, or grey to set the foundation for the bolder elements in the room. Dose up on these colours for most of your items, and then add a pop of warmth with a bold terracotta or moody mustard to complement the rest of the cooler tones.

2. Linen is your friend

Linens are a versatile fabric choice — they keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter — and can shine just as well in a minimalistic space as in an eclectic one. Double up on the look with a linen sofa/bedding and a matching throw pillow combination.

3. Add Texture

Rattan furniture is a staple of natural decor and luckily, it's made quite a comeback from the '70s. Incorporate the material by way of a statement-worthy coffee table, nightstand, or even as a bed frame.

4. Zone your space

Whether it's a Moroccan rug with an intricate pattern and an equally alluring color scheme or a slightly faded vintage landing pad, a rug is essential for your oasis. This bright, red-orange piece adds a bold layer of interest to an otherwise neutral palette.

5. Plantify

Natural decor wouldn't be complete without a handful of potted greens. In fact, the more you can squeeze into your space the better. Pair them with rustic planters and set a trio, of varying heights, in an empty corner to transform your space into a certifiable paradise.

6. Filter in those brights

If you're committed to the near-monochrome look, bring in a saturated element to define the scene with an energized dose of contrast. Use a jewel-tone throw pillow for the sofa, or a patterned quilt draped at the foot of the bed to achieve that balance.

7. Simplicity

It's not always about loading a space up with plants and color. If you prefer a "less is more" approach, use an edited number of natural decor accents to make a statement instead. Woven lamps, a large jute rug, and a handful of fresh palm fronds can get the job done.


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