Interior Styles
Nov 2020

Linki Raubenheimer


Interior Styles

In our previous blog post we discussed Interior 101 principles, how to apply them and mentioned some interior style options.

Today we go more in-depth in each interior style to help you find what you like and how to make it your own.

  • Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist, Eclectic, Industrial, Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian, Traditional, Bohemian, Rustic French Chic, Shabby Chic
  • How to make an interior style your own.


In the simplest form modern interior is a clean cut, straight to the point style. Using earthy and neutral colours with no extravagant designs and shapes. Textures are plain and simple to form a feeling of comfort and calmness. Natural elements are used in this style like wood, stone and leather. The elements used for decoration are most likely to be there for a reason and have a purpose.

Modern interior design room. Modern interior colour pallet.


With a style that is constantly changing and adding new pieces, contemporary design can be fun especially if you get easily bored with a room . There are elements of trending interior items with a dash of modernism and a few more from other styles. While natural elements are also uses in this style it is paired with more industrial materials like steel and concrete. The lines and shapes are usually curvy to represent a more flowing feeling.

Contemporary interior design style with concrete walls. Contemporary interior design style with yellow sofa. Contemporary interior colour pallet.


The name says it all. As little elements as possible is used in this style to create a neat and open room. The room is stripped bare and only necessary items with purpose are used. Functional furniture with neural monochrome colours and clean lines are elements of a minimalistic interior style. Open plan floors are common in this style with an abundance of natural light.

Minimalist interior design furniture and decor. minimilist interior colour pallet. Minimalist interior design style. Pink colour pallet


Although this style will look simple to create, it can be quite difficult to execute successfully. Organised chaos is the aim of the game. This is a more funky and diverse style with loads of textures and colours at play.  Although you can use contrasting colours, textures and lines there a still guidelines on how to execute this style correctly. It is easy just to through elements together but you can run into the problem of the space looking messy and cluttered. Lots of decor items like paintings, plants and ottomans are incorporated and can be collected and added over the years.

Eclectic interior design with decor style. Eclectic colour pallet


Using dark colour tones and industrial elements like steel, concrete and bricks, a stripped back architectural look is achieved. Like the minimalist style, this style uses the bare minimal design approach. Furniture is designed in its purest form without any extra detail. Recycled materials are often used in industrial interior. Embracing features like open brick and copper piping as part of the design allows you to focus your budget on more decor elements like plants and furniture.

Industrial interior design.  Industrial Colour pallet

Mid-Century Modern

A blend of post World War II functionalism, 50’s era art deco style , colourful 60’s era pieces and 70’s shapes and patterns put together in one style. This style is wonderful for a modern vintage look. With a mix of old and new, the possibilities are endless. Furniture is retro with simple designs and functionality is valued over style. Using bursts of colour like burnt orange, yellow or olive green as a focal point works wonders for a mid-century modern room.

Mid century modern interior design.Mid century modern colour pallet.


The less is more approach to interior design. Very minimal colours with mostly calm, muted tones of white, grey, pale greens and pink at play combined with geometric and floral patterns.  Like Minimalist interior, Scandinavian interior also uses as little as possible elements to create a space. With light coloured wood furniture and white walls the room is lifted in a calming, heavenly scene. Plants are an important feature in this style and can be placed abundantly. 

Scandinavian kitchen interior. Scandinavian living room interior design. Scandinavian colour pallet


A classic style with formal designs structure. Rooms are calm and in order. This is a style with nothing too special or any crazy out there elements. Colours and textures are more neutral and selected for functionality over aesthetic. This is a style many of us grew up with and has a very familiar comfortable feeling. Trendy square sofas with coffee table accompanied by comfy pillows is a common feature in this style.

Traditional interior design.


A lived-in home is the objective. With loads of colour (luxurious colours like burgundy, emerald green, or a deep purple.) , textures, organic lines and decor elements, bohemian interior is a very fun and cultured style to work with. Furniture is made to be as close to the floor as possible and even designed to be placed directly on to it. Layers of decor items like mirrors, paintings, vases and metallics are collected and places around the room.

Bohemian interior bedroom.  Boho colour pallet

Rustic French Country

A romantic style with a moderns twist. Warm hues are used for a relaxed and homey feeling. Light blues, beiges and greys are a staple for this style. Natural rustic wood furnishings with a light colour or even white are often used in most rooms. A dramatic dining room table with loads of  beautifully upholstered chairs is a great centre piece for this style.

Rustic Country interior design. Rustic colour pallet


Shabby Chic

All the white and light you can find. This style uses white in as much elements as possible and all the natural light the room will allow. Vintage furniture is a must and can be painted with chalk paint for that extra vintage feel. Chandeliers, white linen and posted beds are often used in a shabby chic bedroom.

Shaby chic interior design style. Shaby chic interior design style. Shaby chic colour pallet

How to make an interior style your own.

Following the design principles in our Interior 101 blog post and incorporating some of the above styles to get an idea of what you would like to achieve will be your first step to success.

Make a vision board and let your creativity flow. Play around with styles by placing some elements from one style with another like Scandinavian/minimalist colours with bohemian inspired furniture to create Scandi-Boho style. There is no rule against creating your own style by incorporating features from more than one mentioned above. This way you can be your authentic self whilst being an interior pro.



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