Interior Design 101
Sep 2020

Linki Raubenheimer


Interior Design 101

"Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” - Billy Baldwin

  • Interior Design Principles : Balance, Rhythm, Harmony, Emphases, Proportion & Scale.
  • How to develop your own style.

 The first thing to consider about any creative platform is the basic rules of design:


The balance is the weight in which items are distributed in a room by placing shapes, colour, texture and patterns in specific places to create symmetrical, asymmetrical or radial balance.

  •  Symmetrical balance: The Mirror lover balance. This is achieved by mirroring the design on each side for a more traditional and formal living space.
  •  Asymmetrical balance: The artsy balance. This is achieved by using more organic and exciting lines, colours and structures to broaden the design possibilities. By not duplicating each side an asymmetrical space can be created deliberately.
  •  Radial Balance: The centre of attention balance. This is when there is a centred focal point to work around with. This can be enhanced with repeated colours and shapes.


Rhythm can be achieved by placement of items, shapes and colour around the room by using repetition, alteration and progression.

  •  Repetition: Repeating an item, shape or colour to create a pattern for a calming and easy on the eyes rhythm.
  • Alteration: Alternating between items, shapes and colours for a more abstract pattern creating an interesting and appealing look.
  •  Progression: Gradient colour use and/or large to smaller items can create a more open rhythm.


Combining elements that fit or complement each other in a sense of balance and unity to form a harmonious space. This can mean colours that complement each other or textures that fit together. When a seamless feeling of belonging can be achieved by using elements such as colour, texture and shapes a perfect harmony can be created.


When attention needs to be drawn to a specific item, product, space or any part in a room emphasis can be placed on it by using shocking or interesting colours, textures and shapes.

Proportion & Scale:

Both scale and proportion have to do with the size of the items you are working with. Balance of each element is important to function as a whole.

  • Proportion: The balance of each part of an individual item.
  • Scale: The actual size of individual items.

 How to develop your own Interior style:

 I believe we all are creative in our own way. Some of us find it hard to develop our own personal style but like any other skill it can be further developed with time, understanding and a little bit of patience.

 A great place to start is by making some Interior Design boards in Pinterest & Instagram. These are fantastic platforms to develop your own style and see what you like and dislike. You will start to see a pattern of colours and styles that your are drawn to. Eventually you will uncover your own design interests and aesthetic. Feel free to check out the Youtube channel Architectural Digest for interesting interior design videos.

Here are some classic styles to consider:


Modern interior design living room.


Contemporary interior design living room.


Minimalist interior living room.


Eclectic. interior deign living room.


Industrial interior design living room.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern interior design living room.


Scandinavian interior deign living room.


Traditional interior design living room.


Bohemian interior design living room.

Rustic French Chic

Rustic interior design living room.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic interior deign bedroom.

We all love to save money where we can. Therefore it is important to firstly evaluate what you already have to work with and establish what element of design are important to you. This will help you maintain a proper and achievable budget for your design.

Ultimately the spaces you create should be comfortable and reflect your own personality.  Interior design is a wonderful way to express yourself and showcase your own aesthetic.

Most of all enjoy it. Be brave & creative. You are your own trendsetter.




  • 10 Sep 2020 Tersia Labuschagne

    Thank you so insightful!

  • 10 Sep 2020 Tersia Labuschagne

    Thank you so insightful!

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