Nature at its best!

All the Natural Decor Ideas You Need to Turn Your Home Into an Earthy Oasis

Unique Headboard Ideas That Will Change the Style of Your Room

Headboards can change the whole vibe of a space, for example going from a farmhouse to an elegant room. A headboard can be fun and funky and bold with color, or it can be subtle and understated. You can create an atmosphere in the bedroom just by changing your headboard,...

Floating Furniture – The most effective way to place your furniture.

Sometimes, it feels impossible to land on a layout for your space—especially when you are trying to squeeze extra function into your home, as so many of us have been doing this year during the course of Covid-19. The furniture may not seem to fit. There’s not enough wall space. What is the focal point? How can you break up an open layout?

But for all these problems, there is one secret trick that often always works: floating furniture.

Interior Styles

In our previous blog post we discussed Interior 101 principles, how to apply them and mentioned some interior style options.

Today we go more in-depth in each interior style to help you find what you like and how to make it your own.

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